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We understand... you and your dog you and your cat now is the time to register your dog desexing cats leads to less unwanted kittens that every dog can bite that Good owners lead to good dogs that good cats have purrfect owners


Dog and cat registration rush

In the first 24 hours a record 26,000 dog and cat registrations were renewed, 95% of owners completed their renewals online, with 2 of every 5 owners enjoying the flexibility to complete the online renewal outside of business hours.

Pet owners can still pay registration fees at their local council office, however Dogs and Cats Online 24 hour access makes the registration and renewal process convenient to manage with a few clicks without the trip. 

Dogs and Cats Online is a one-stop service for all annual registration payments, as well as dog and cat microchipping, desexing and breeder details. 

Your dog’s registration number is a life time number, so don’t expect to receive a new disc with your renewal notice.  Gone are the days of a new plastic disc each year – this is good news for the environment. 

Many dog owners prefer to have their dogs unique number engraved on a metal disc or collar ID plate – just make sure the registration number is clear.

All cats are required to be registered in Dogs and Cats Online. Some councils charge for registration.
Dogs and Cats Online is a state-wide register for microchip and desex information which are mandatory practices for dogs and cats, and breeders—anyone who sells a dog or cat they’ve bred must be registered in the system.

Keeping your information in Dogs and Cats Online current is important for many reasons—say you move home and your pet goes missing, you’re more likely to have them returned if their registration and microchip details are up to date. 

Councils and shelters can quickly identify found dogs and cats and reunite them with their owners as soon as possible. Owners can also post ‘missing’ messages and a contact number on Dogs and Cats online.

When owners move to another South Australian council area, or if the dog or cat goes to a new home, the registration must be transferred to the new owner who should also be given the animal’s registration disc.

Transfers are easy—first the original owner initiates a transfer in Dogs and Cats Online and provides the transfer number to the new owner to then log in and complete the transfer.